Virtual POS: Android or Ipad?

Virtual POS: Android or Ipad?

So, today more and more restaurants prefer virtual POS systems. Restaurants have recognized that those solutions have more options like remote access to data, frequent updates, and, of course, mobility. When a restaurant owner takes the decision to switch to a virtual POS, he finds dozens of iPad-based systems. Now, ask yourself this question: Is this the right solution for the ever-changing restaurant environment?

Flexibility in your restaurant with Level POS

No two restaurants are alike in the world. Even if both of them are in the same food sector, the concept and ingredients will be different. So, we can find hundreds of ways to customize a restaurant in order to set up the ideal technological solution. Flexibility is the essential feature of a restaurant POS solution. At Level POS, we can help you choose the solution that better suits your restaurant and staff´s needs.

Advantages of Flexibility

The advantages of flexibility in an organization are immense. Remember that competitiveness, efficiency, flexible scheduling and efficient team building are essential elements to cope with the sea of changes and technology improvements the food industry deals with, on a daily basis.

Android POS Systems vs. iPad POS Systems 

So, it is time to determine which POS system will bring more flexibility to your restaurant. Is it an Android POS system or is it an iPad POS system? Keep these things in mind:

  1. An Android POS allows an extremely customizable experience. As a mobile operating system, its flexibility allows developers to have control over both software and app experience. This means that restaurants can offer personalized experience to the restaurant environment. In other words, an Android POS app can adapt to the restaurant’s needs, and not the other way around. In this case, an Android POS system is more suitable for your business due to the durability and flexibility Android software and hardware offer.

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  1. Software updates are faster, and if a restaurant wants a seamless experience, the POS company must get access to the new version, update and test the app, and then publish the update. The main difference between Android and iOS is that these apps need a review and approval process whenever there is an update. As a consequence, it’s very common that iOS updates cause an iPad POS system to break. On the other hand, an Android’s open system updates, cause less disturbance and support a smoother overall operation.
  2. Android POS is flexible in hardware, which helps restaurants adapt to technology according to the business needs. Plus, Android hardware is durable and affordable. Don´t get me wrong, I love Apple but, regarding business practicality an Android POS system sure does the trick, as these systems are built to handle the extreme daily usage. Not to mention they are much more affordable for both first installation and replacing devices that are dropped and broken. Anyhow, it is still your decision whether to use an Android POS system or an Ipad POS; and Level POS is here to help you make the right one.

Learn more about Level POS, we´ll take your restaurant to the next level!

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Virtual POS: Android or Ipad?
Virtual POS: Android or Ipad?

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