POS System Touch Screen Android vs iPad

Chicago is a city jam packed with entertainment and night life. It’s a great city for restaurants, bars, and clubs for people of all tastes, and as a city with millions of local and international patrons, a point of sale system is vital to their success.

Chicago point of sale up until now has primarily been your typical Windows point of sale systems. Systems like Micros and Aloha have dominated the industry. But now restaurant owners are faced with more choices and newer technologies.

iPad point of sale

As a restaurant owner you may have been approached regarding iPad point of sale in Chicago. Owners have been reluctant to fully embrace this new technology. Chicago is one of the food capitals in the world, and because of this a Chicago point of sale requires a reliable solution. It’s no surprise many restaurant owners are hesitant in pioneering such new technology, but there are a few doing just that and are reaping the immediate benefits.

Benefits of iPad point of sale

1) The cost of iPad point of sale are typically cheaper than their windows counter-part.

2) Table-side ordering and pay at the table are a rising trend, and iPad point of sale simplifies this process greatly.

3) Cloud point of sale allows for easy access to reports, menu changes, and other point of sale administrative tools.

4) Style points! There is a certain cool factor when using the latest technologies, and an iPad point of sale is clear choice over windows point of sale.

Android point of sale

If you are a restaurant owner considering a POS System Touch Screen solution, you may want to consider android point of sale. Many of the same benefits that apply to iPad pos apply to android pos. Here are some of the additional benefits of an Android point of sale solution.

Benefits of Android point of sale

1) There are more hardware choices when it comes to Android point of sale, you are not just limited to a pricier iPad.

2) Unlike iPad point of sale, Android pos offers you the ability to hard-wire your system. An iPad relies solely on wifi, a potentially risky solution for a POS System Touch Screen.

3) Because Android is an open source operating system, you can find hardware that allows for other peripheral connections. Hardware with USB and COM ports makes it easier and less expensive to connect peripherals like Caller ID, bar-code scanners, and weight scales.

The majority of customers nowadays don’t leave home without a smart phone or tablet, especially to restaurants. Whether its Apple or Android, the shift to a smart phone dominated society has been in motion for some time, it’s just a matter of time before point of sale follows suit.

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POS System Touch Screen Android vs iPad
POS System Touch Screen Android vs iPad

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