POS Sales: Customers´ Complaints Matter

POS Sales: Customers´ Complaints Matter

When you are part of the food sector, reputation is a fundamental element for success. Creating a good reputation for a restaurant involves many things like, a good location, training the staff, and a reliable POS system that can help you track inventory, make reports, split checks, and, of course, show a little appreciation.

Proper training

When a customer makes a complaint, and your staff is not well trained, chances are they would take those complaints personally. So, it is paramount that the personnel of a restaurant can deal with such situations and help your staff understand what´s a customer worth.

Choose the right POS and improve your customer service.

As it was mentioned before, a good point of sale system should give you several options, including customer compensation such as giving the customer credit towards a future order or applying a discount or comp to keep a loyal customer satisfied.  You can also identify and avoid chronic complainers by just adding a comment to the customer’s record in your POS. With Level POS system you can manage to do all these tasks with a tap of your fingers or with a click of a mouse. Read more…

Show Appreciation

That is translated into: thank you.  You should always thank your customers for taking the time to visit your restaurant. But, if you really want to know how to keep loyal customers for years, a good POS system is key.

Learn more about Level POS, we´ll take your restaurant to the next level!

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POS Sales: Customers´ Complaints Matter
POS Sales: Customers´ Complaints Matter

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