POS for Retail and Gift Cards?

POS for Retail and Gift Cards?

POS: Gift Cards Are a Serious Matter

The retail sector is enormous. Only in the United States, there were one million stores and accounted for four trillion dollars in revenue last 2013.

Food and beverage stores are responsible for 14% of the fifteen million jobs the retail industry endures. As a consequence of this vast industry, POS for retail is paramount.

The food retail market and gift cards

We already know the food retail industry is a big thing. It´s no surprise that gift cards are a crucial part of this industry, especially this time of year. Gift cards are an excellent choice for your business based on last year´s statistics. Read more…

POS and gift cards

Now, that we know the retail industry is so strong, and gift cards are such an excellent approach for customers and retailers, a POS system that can create gift cards would be as good as it gets, wouldn´t it? Well, you´re in luck! Level POS provides an excellent and easy way to create gift cards. What else could you ask for?

Learn more about Level POS, we´ll take your restaurant to the next level!

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POS for Retail and Gift Cards?
POS: Gift Cards Are a Serious Matter

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