Pizza POS: It´s All About Planning

Pizza POS: It´s All About Planning

The four C´s in Pizza POS

Having a Pizza restaurant takes a lot of effort, there´s the hungry crowds, large parties, family gathering and more. In order to manage a pizza place, you must have a pizza POS that enables you and your staff to plan ahead.

Let´s take a look at those Cs

Configuration: So, the first step pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Start your setup on pizza specific and you´re good to go, but in case you are wondering how to do that, here is how. Read more…

Consumption: POS systems can easily tell you the menu items your customers prefer and that way you can determine the actual number of items you´ve used earlier that month or week. The charm of it is that you can determine accuracy without having to enter the usage manually at the end of the day.

Calculation: The POS system will help you calculate the number of pizzas required to meet future demand. Isn´t that amazing? That means no waste or lack of product at all!

Calibration: Are you happy with how sales are going? A well based POS system can make your delivery times significantly shorter and increase profit margins.

What about planning for the holiday season?

Part of planning involves looking ahead, which includes having a trustable POS system for pizza restaurants. Some restaurants have been planning for the holiday season since October, or some others have been doing it since September. Regardless the amount of preparation and several meetings you may have had with your staff about the holiday season there´s always stress in the air and the more tools you have to face this season the better. So, October has come and go and so did November and December but it´s never too late to do some planning. Read more…

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