Four Easy Point of Sale Steps

There are two important changes in the customer experience, both of them are part of the point-of-sale environment (if we can call it like that).

The first one is that customer will no longer have to swipe the card, they´ll insert it into the reader instead. Now, this may seem like a dull change but it is important in terms of software performance, after customers´ card will remain in the reader until the transaction is finished.

These changes also represent a fundamental change in the way people use their cards during transactions. In order to minimize changes, merchants will have to offer thorough training on EMV point-of-sale.

Here are the simple steps you´ll have to follow when using a point of sale system:
First step: Insert your cars into the payment device, chip end first and facing up.

Second step: Follow the on-screen prompts

Third step: PIN number is required for safety, or you could sign the receipt.
Fourth step: Remove your card when prompted.

These are four easy steps that your staff must know by the book in order to get customers used to the system. This software and the proper use of it will guarantee your business stepping into the 21st century.

Some people believe this is a long process but it is safer than magnetic-stripe transactions, plus it offers many benefits like reduced fraud and increased privacy. Exactly what customers want!
Experience is everything in the world we live in today, so getting your business ready is something you cannot take for granted or leave to the last minute. I could list tons of reason for you to jump into this technology, but I´ll just give you one. There is an imminent shift in the EMV liability, this is supposed to happen on Oct. 1stfor banks, credit unions and merchants. Allow me to tell you that once the shift goes into effect, businesses that didn’t invest in chip-enabled technology may be on the bull´s eye for in-store fraud.

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Four Easy Point of Sale Steps
Four Easy Point of Sale Steps

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